Approval of vessel stability information: MCA stability unit

Guide for owners and naval architects on how and where to submit ship stability information for Martime and Coastguard Agency authorisation.

Stability guidance booklets

These publications give guidance on the format and content of stability information you’ll need to provide for masters so they can assess the stability of a vessel in any condition of loading.

Approval of stability

You can check who’ll be responsible for stability approval for your vessel by referring to ‘Approval of stability: authorisations for stability approval by vessel type’. If in doubt contact the Stability Unit for further guidance.

We ask the owner’s naval architect to complete and return a stability approval questionnaire along with the drawings listed, at an early stage in any project.

Stability information submissions

All stability submissions to MCA should be made through your Marine Office surveyor, or sent to the Stability Unit.

MCA Stability Unit
Westpoint 1
1 Marchfield Drive

Telephone: 0141 887 6399

Further information

Find more MCA guidance about stability and load lines.

Published 1 May 2014