Apply to import a medicine

Apply to import a medicine for veterinary use into the UK.

Import certificates

There are 3 types of import certificate:

  • Special Import Certificate (SIC)
  • Wholesale Dealer Import Certificate (WDIC)
  • Research Import Certificate (RIC)

Special Import Certificates

Only eligible veterinary surgeons can apply for a Special Import Certificate (SIC).

Eligible surgeons must appear in the RCVS “UK-practicing” registration category. View RCVS category information.

Wholesale Dealer Certificate (WDIC)

Wholesale Dealers, who want to supply imported medicines to UK vets, need a Wholesale Dealer Import Certificate (WDIC).

You need a Wholesale Dealer Authorisation to apply for a WDIC.

Research Import Certificates

Only holders of a Home office Project License can apply for a Research Import Certificate (RIC).

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Published 29 January 2024