Anglian waterways: bridges, locks and facilities for boaters

Details of moorings, bridge heights, locks and facilities for boaters on Anglian waterways.

Anglian waterways include the Rivers Ancholme, Great Ouse, Nene, Stour, Welland, Glen and the Black Sluice Navigation.

You can see these waterways in our Anglian Waterways map (PDF, 149 KB, 1 page).

Anglian waterways rules of navigation

To use Anglian waterways you must:

  • obey the navigation byelaws
  • register your boat with the Environment Agency
  • have a valid rod licence and a local permit if you fish from your boat


Visitor (short stay) moorings

There are many 48 hour visitor and emergency moorings on Anglian waterways. You can use these moorings free of charge for the maximum time stated. Environment Agency river inspectors patrol the moorings regularly to ensure boaters don’t stay longer than allowed.

Permanent (allocated) moorings

You can leave your boat at permanent moorings all year when you’re not navigating on the river. The Environment Agency manages non-residential, permanent moorings at:

  • River Ancholme - at South Ferriby and Brigg
  • River Nene - at Northampton Marina
  • Great Ouse - at Upware, Denver, Brampton and Ely

Northampton Marina: part and full residential and visitor moorings

At part residential moorings you can live aboard your boat in the same location for 11 months of the year. You need to vacate your mooring for at least one month of the year to comply with planning laws.

At full residential moorings you can live aboard your boat all year round. You will probably pay a little more for these moorings and will need to pay Council Tax.

The Environment Agency manages visitor moorings at the marina. Contact the Marina Manager on 0160 460 4344 for more information.

Other mooring providers are available, including clubs and private marinas.

Wild moorings

You may be able to get a non-residential ‘wild’ mooring if your property is close to an Environment Agency waterway.

Mooring rent and changes

Contact the Environment Agency to find out if any moorings are available.

You will need:

  • details of your boat, eg length
  • proof you have a current Environment Agency boat registration or a Gold Licence from the Canal and River Trust
  • proof you have third party liability insurance
  • proof you have a valid Boat Safety Scheme Certificate or equivalent

If you’re successful, it’ll take about 2 weeks for your mooring agreement to be set up.

Payments and invoicing

All mooring payments and invoices are dealt with by Shared Services Centre Ltd.


Telephone: 0345 300 1861 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Find out about call charges.

Shared Services Centre Ltd Navigation Moorings Income
Shared Services Connected Ltd
PO Box 221

Mooring charges are invoiced when you begin your mooring, or at the start of every mooring year in April. Payment can be made by post, BACS, credit or debit card or at a bank. You can also pay in installments spread throughout the year by direct debit.

Contact the Environment Agency


Telephone: 0370 850 6506 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm).

Find out about call charges.

Environment Agency
Anglian Waterways (Mooring Team)
Kingfisher House
Goldhay Way
Orton Goldhay
PE2 5ZR.

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