Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations

Use Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations to send your excise warehousing returns and payment warrants to HMRC.

Log in and file your return or warrant if you’ve already registered. You can also check if there are any current problems with this service, or times it will not be available.


The Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations (ATWD) online service is available to excise warehousekeepers who are authorised to operate premises approved as excise warehouses.

You can use it to submit the following forms online:

  • W1 Excise Warehouse Return
  • W5 Alcohol Remittance Warrant
  • W5D Alcohol Deferment Warrant
  • W6 Tobacco Remittance Warrant
  • W6D Tobacco Deferment Warrant


ATWD can help you:

  • save time - with prepopulated fields and calculations made for you and providing authorisation/rejections online so you do not have to wait 2 days for a paper copy
  • provide more accurate returns - with automatic validation before submission
  • keep records - by storing previously submitted returns and warrants

You’ll get an immediate acknowledgement on-screen confirming HMRC has your return/warrant.

If you have XML software, ATWD can also work with it. This helps reduce administration further with very little manual intervention needed.

Enrol and activate

To sign in, you need a Government Gateway user ID and password. If you do not have a user ID, you can create one when you register. You’ll need to sign up as an organisation then select the ATWD service and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

You’ll need to enter your excise warehouse ID (found on your warehouse approval letter) and the warehouse postcode. If you operate more than one excise warehouse, you’ll need to separately enrol each warehouse for ATWD.

Provided you’ve entered the correct details, you should receive an Activation Code from HMRC within 7 days. You’ll need to use this to activate the service.

If you do not activate your account within 28 days, you’ll need to enrol again.

If you have not received your code within 2 weeks, please contact the ATWD Online Services Helpdesk.

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Published 9 November 2009

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