Since 4 August 2014 the British Embassy in Tripoli has not been able to provide any consular assistance as operations have been temporarily suspended.

Despite this, we remain committed to working with Libya to find a permanent, political solution to the current instability.

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The UK remains committed to engaging with Libya, even though we do not have a functioning embassy in Tripoli. One unfortunate consequence of the closure of our embassy is that Libyans now have to travel to another country to obtain a visa for the UK. But we continue to welcome applicants via our visa centres worldwide. More details are available on the UK Visas and Immigrations page.

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Information on staying safe and avoiding problems when living or travelling abroad, with links to our embassies, high commissions and other diplomatic posts across the world can be found on our Travel advice page.

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British nationals requiring urgent consular assistance in Libya, including emergency travel documents should contact the British Embassy Tunis. Passport services in Libya have been suspended. Any British nationals in Libya applying for their first British passport or requiring a passport renewal should use other passports (if they hold dual nationality) to exit Libya and make a full validity UK passport application elsewhere. Read more on how to apply for a new UK passport.

All UK Notarial and Documentary Services in Libya have been suspended. Please be aware that a consular birth registration is not mandatory under UK legislation, nor is it needed for a UK passport application.

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Peter Millett

Peter Millett

British Ambassador to Libya

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British Embassy Tripoli has temporarily suspended operations from 4 August 2014

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British Embassy Benghazi

The Office of the British Embassy in Benghazi is currently closed for security reasons.

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