We work  with the UAE to improve links between our two countries. We have a shared agenda in many areas of political and practical co-operation, borne of many years of collaboration since before the UAE was formed. We work particularly closely through the UK-UAE taskforce, which ensures we collaborate on investment, policy, defence, consular and other issues. If you need to visit the British Embassy for a consular issue, you may need to make an appointment. Please check our Notarial page to see which services will require an appointment to be made in advance.

Our Embassy teams in Abu Dhabi and Dubai work hard to meet British government goals as well as offer services to British citizens in  the UAE and to Emiratis and expatriates living in the UAE who wish to travel to and do business with the United Kingdom. We are proud of our long historical relationship and support our current and future good relations.

If you need to visit the British Embassy for a consular issue, you may need to make an appointment. Please check our notarial and documentary service to see which services will require an appointment to be made in advance of your visit.

Our services

Out-of-hours emergency assistance

British nationals who need emergency assistance outside normal office hours should call +971 2 610 1100 where they will be given details on how to proceed and how to contact a duty officer if needed.

Emergency travel documents

We may be able to issue an emergency travel document to a British national overseas in certain circumstances, for example if their passport has been lost or stolen. Applications are considered on a case by case basis.

Please note that an ETD is not valid for re-entry into the UAE. If the ETD is issued you will have to go to the immigration office for an exit stamp when your UAE Residency visa could be cancelled (please check with with immigration). An emergency travel document does not guarantee entry to every country.

If you are due to travel in the next 24 hours, you should call the British Embassy Dubai: 04 309 4444 or Abu Dhabi: 02 610 1100 as soon as possible.

For all other applications, please check what you must bring with you and then make an appointment at your nearest consulate using the link below. Please call your nearest consulate for advice before making an appointment if:

  • you have never applied for a British passport before

  • you are applying on behalf of a child

If your passport has been lost or stolen you will need a police report before an ETD can be issued. You can make a police report at the main immigration building on the corner of Al Saada Street (19th Street) and Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street (2nd Street, Airport Road) Tel: 600 533 333.

Book an appointment for an emergency travel document in Abu Dhabi.

Registering a birth or death

From the 9th June 2014 the process of Birth Registrations and Death Registrations in the UAE has now transferred from The British Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK.

There are no changes to the entitlement to register a birth or death in the UAE. The processing time will remain the same. However, you will now need to allow extra time for the documents to be sent to and from the UK.

Passports renewal

For information on how to apply for your first passport or renew an existing passport, please visit the Overseas passport section of this website. Please note that our Embassies cannot deal with individual enquiries about passport applications.


This Embassy does not deal with visa matters. For information on whether you need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom and how to apply, please visit UK Visas & Immigration.


Know what your options are if you would like to get married overseas.

If you require a Marriage Affidavit/Affirmation to marry in the UAE, please see the information on our Notarial and documentary services page.

A Marriage Affidavit/Affirmation is valid for three months.

Travel advice

Information on staying safe and avoiding problems when living or travelling abroad, with links to our Embassies, High Commissions and other diplomatic posts across the world, please see our Travel Advice.

Legalisation Service

Please note we do not provide any legalisation services at the British Embassies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

How to get official confirmation that your UK public documentation is genuine so it can be accepted by foreign authorities. The UK does not require any documents to be legalised for use within the UK. Further information can be found on our Legalisation pages and also on our Notarial and documentary services page.

Educational certificate (UK)

To have your UK educational certificates legalised, follow the guidance on the British Council Website

Notarial and documentary services guide for the United Arab Emirates

The British Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can perform various types of notarial services for British citizens and for non-British nationals whose requirement has a link to the UK. An appointment must be made for each service. Please visit our Notarial and documentary services page.

From 01 October 2013, we will no longer provide notarial and documentary services to Commonwealth citizens in countries where they do not have any diplomatic representation, unless there is a clear UK connection to the document or service. For more details, please see the information note we have produced on the changes.

From 1st November 2013 the British Embassies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will no longer issue Visa Recommendation Letters to British Nationals applying for visas to travel to any country. Visa officers are requested to accept a British passport as evidence of a person’s identity and nationality. Visa Recommendation Letter

British nationals required to provide UAE authorities with British ID card as proof of identity, please refer to the Information note

Guides we produce

We also produce guides for British nationals who need information about services that are not provided by our Consulates, but that you may find useful in specific circumstances.

How else we can help

In addition to the services listed above we can also:

For more information on what services we can provide, see Support for British nationals abroad: A guide.

UK law says we have to charge for some services. Details of our current fees and the standards of service you can expect to receive are on display in all our consular offices.

What our consulates cannot do for you

Although we try to help British nationals in a wide range of situations, we cannot:

  • get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities from deporting you after your prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings.
  • help you enter a country, for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid, as we cannot interfere in another country’s immigration policy or procedures.
  • give you legal advice, investigate crimes or carry out searches for missing people, although we can give you details of people who may be able to help you in these cases, such as English-speaking lawyers.
  • get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people.
  • pay any bills or give you money (in very exceptional circumstances we may lend you some money from public funds, which you will have to pay back).
  • make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation.
  • make business arrangements on your behalf.

Our people

Philip Parham

Philip Parham

British Ambassador to United Arab Emirates

Contact us

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Office Hours:
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For all Visa related enquiries:
Visa International Enquiry Service: www.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-outside-uk

If you need to visit the British Embassy for a consular issue, you may need to make an appointment. Please check our Notarial and documentary service to see which services will require an appointment to be made in advance of your visit.

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