Director of Estates and Security

Edward Hobart


Edward Hobart is Director or Estates and Security at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). Previously he was Her Majesty’s Consul General to Dubai from August 2012 until August 2015, having served for a year in Abu Dhabi as the Deputy Head of Mission.

Edward joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1993. He has previously served in Cuba and Malaysia. Recent roles in London include heading the Libya Unit in 2011 and being responsible for the FCO’s IT and Information Management. Before joining the FCO he studied Modern History at Oxford University. In addition to leading the Embassy in Dubai, Edward is responsible to the Ambassador for the work of UK Trade and Investment across the UAE. This entails driving the goal of reaching bilateral trade of £12 billion by 2015, working in close collaboration with the UK-UAE Business Council, British Business Groups, and other organisations in the UAE and UK. Edward also works to supporting major Emirati investors in the UK and secure further investment.

Retired from playing, he now enjoys coaching rugby. Along with his wife, he is a founder of the West London Free School, one of the first new Free Schools in the UK. Edward is married to Suzie and they have three children.

Director of Estates and Security

The Director of Estates and Security is responsible for estates, security, global maintenance and the global facilities management contracts for the UK government’s overseas platform.

Previous roles in government

  1. British Consul General to Dubai

    • 2012 to 2015