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National chlamydia screening programme (NCSP): data tables

Information on chlamydia testing and diagnoses in 15 to 24 year olds in England by demographic characteristics and geographical region.


NCSP data tables: 2015

NCSP slide set: 2015 (PowerPoint version)

NCSP slide set: 2015 (PDF version)

NCSP data tables: 2014

NCSP data tables: 2013

NCSP data tables: 2012


Public Health England collects data on all NHS and local authority commissioned chlamydia tests undertaken in England, to measure screening activity.

The data provides information on the:

  • trends in testing coverage
  • proportion of tests that are positive
  • detection rate

Figures by various demographic characteristics and by geographical distribution are also included.

Data at lower and upper tier local authority is available to download at Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles.

Previously published data tables and outputs are available from the National Archive.