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Experimental apprenticeships data visualisations

Experimental data visualisation applications based on published apprenticeships data.



We are developing data visualisation applications to offer users a more visual, interactive presentation of further education and skills published data.

If the example visualisations on this page do not open properly in Internet Explorer, please try a different browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.


Please send us feedback, particularly on:

  • functionality
  • ease of use
  • presentation
  • access problems

Please also let us know what other visualisations you would find useful.

Further education statistical dissemination team

Published 14 September 2017
Last updated 12 October 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated with links to 2 new data visualisation examples: 'Apprenticeships starts dashboard by level and age: academic year 2010 to 2011 to academic year 2015 to 2016' and 'Apprenticeship starts by parliamentary constituency and sector subject area: academic year 2015 to 2016'.
  2. First published.