Statistical data set

Walking and cycling (TSGB11)

Statistics on walking and cycling, produced by Department for Transport.

Table TSGB1101 (CW0103)

Proportion of residents who do any walking or cycling at least once per month by local authority

Table TSGB1104 (NTS0315)

Where usually cycled in the last 12 months

Table TSGB1105 (NTS0608)

Bicycle ownership by age

Table TSGB1107 (NTS0605)

Average distance travelled by age, gender and mode

Table TSGB1108 (NTS0613)

Trips to and from school per child per year by main mode

Table TSGB1109 (NTS0303)

Average number of trips (trip rates) by main mode

Table TSGB1110 (RAS30061)

Reported killed or seriously injured casualties by road user type

Table TSGB1111 (CW0104)

Proportion of how often and how long adults cycle for, by local authority

Table TSGB1112 (CW0105)

Proportion of how often and how long adults walk for (at least 10 minutes), by local authority

Table TSGB1113 (NTS0601)

Average number of trips (trip rates) by age, gender and main mode

Table TSGB1118 (JTS0101)

Average minimum travel time to reach the nearest key services by mode of travel

Table TSGB1119 (RAS20001)

Vehicles involved in reported accidents and involvement rates by vehicle type and severity of accident

Table TSGB1120 (ATT0313)

Social attitudes: it is too dangerous for me to cycle on the roads

Table TSGB1121 (RAS52001)

International comparisons of road deaths, number and rates for different road users by selected countries

Table TSGB1122 (CW0203)

Walking and cycling levels - demographic breakdown

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Walking and cycling statistics

Published 12 December 2013
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