Paula Sussex presentation to the Association of Chairs

Paula Sussex, extracts of presentation to Association of Chairs.

Paula Sussex

Overview of the role of the Commission, our regulatory approach, the ‘state of trusteeship’.

Like most of you we operate on a tight budget.

There are 165,334 charities on the Register.

Whether we register a charity is essentially a legal test. Around 8,000 applications this year, registered 5,000 of them.

Consulting later this year on our funding – looking at various options. Our budget is half what it was a few years ago, and we have introduced a lot of digital efficiency this year, but sooner or later we’ll reach the limit of that efficiency drive.

Legal and compliance powers:

Levels of use of powers remain broadly similar to last year - 1,073 (2014-15: 1,062).

We opened 1,327 (2014-15: 1,182) operational compliance cases and closed 1,309 (2014-15: 1,257); and published 25 case reports (2014-15: 29) to help trustees learn from them.

We issued 14 notices of our intention to remove people as trustees (2014-15: 4) and removed nine of them due to their poor conduct, (2014-15: 4), so that they are now permanently disqualified from acting in charities.

Permissions/ enabling work is key to what we do.

Our Regulatory Approach

  • promoting compliance by charity trustees with their legal obligations, holding charities accountable, and upholding the definition of charity under charity law

  • not tolerating the misuse of any charity or its funds for unlawful or improper purposes; alert to fraud, terrorist abuse and lack of safeguarding of vulnerable beneficiaries

  • we promote the effective use of charitable resources through permissions, advice and guidance so that trustees understand what they need to do to run their charity effectively

Trust – lowest level since records began in 2005.

CC3 flagship guidance

  • new trustees on registration tick to say they have read it
  • we recommend charity template eligibility forms include it
  • reviewed, consulted on, updated in 2015
  • informs trustees of the 6 essential legal duties on how to run a charity effectively and protect from harm

Charity law generally protects trustees who have acted honestly and reasonably.

When we talk about ‘must’ – legal obligations, and ‘should’ – our expectations of good practice.

Published 20 July 2016