'Bond shows the world what makes Britain GREAT'

Transcript of a speech by Dominic McAllister, British Deputy High Commissioner, Bengaluru at an event Thursday 19 November 2015, to celebrate iconic British brand ‘James Bond’ and the release of ‘Spectre’.

Bond is GREAT

I’m pleased to be here on what is expected to be a night of high adventure. At 9 PM tonight you will have the privilege of being one of the first in India to see the 24th James Bond adventure, “Spectre” as the film is premiered across 4 Indian cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Chennai.

I’d like to thank the Brigade Group and Orion Mall for partnering with the British Deputy High Commission to host this event.

I am Dominic McAllister, the new British Deputy High Commissioner in Bengaluru supporting UK interests in the State of Karnataka.

……not to be confused with my namesake Andrew McAllister, the Deputy High Commissioner in Hyderabad – we are not related.

With my wife Nelly and our children who will be joining us at Christmas we are some of latest migrants to this great cosmopolitan city. This is our first posting to India and we are proud to be joining the largest UK diplomatic network overseas.

Tonight the GREAT Britain campaign joins forces with Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Studios and Sony Pictures to celebrate the best of what the UK has to offer, to encourage you to visit the UK, to do business, to invest and to study there.

The UK is the home of world-class universities, ground-breaking research, high-tech start-ups and an entrepreneurial mindset. It leads in creative industries, music, fashion, design and of course film.

Last week the UK was pleased to welcome Prime Minister Modi. This visit was long in the planning, but deft in it’s execution. It drew on the depth of the UK/India relationship in business, education, security and culture and celebrated the large and successful one and a half million strong Indian diaspora in the UK Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has spoken of “an enhanced partnership”, with India a key foreign policy priority for her Government.

Prime Minister Modi has referred to the relationship as “an unbeatable combination” in forging successful partnerships that can bring immense benefits to both countries.

Since 2010 the bilateral relationship has been transformed:

  • The UK is now the largest G20 investor into India, while India invests more in the UK than the rest of the European Union combined;

  • In 2014-15 India emerged as Britain’s third biggest job creator, creating 7,730 new jobs.

British Indians have contributed – and continue to contribute – immensely to the UK. They are successful in culture, business, media, public services and, increasingly, in politics too. British Indians are helping to build in Britain what we hope will become the world’s most successful multi-faith, multi-ethnic democracy.

The UK will continue to work with India in delivering prosperity and security for both our nations. This includes stronger trade links, cooperation on security and counter terrorism (all the more important in the wake of the terrible events in Paris this weekend), encouraging student exchange, and strengthening broader bilateral ties. But tonight we are here to celebrate British Film. Bond is back to show the world what makes Britain GREAT. The UK film industry is big on innovative ideas, creativity and skills and is a valuable and growing contributor to the UK economy.

The UK is a world leader in production, from independent and blockbuster features to shorts, and from animation and drama to documentaries.

The industry’s diversity, quality and talent resonates across borders, cultures and societies. It wins respect, audiences and awards all over the world.

Spectre has the classic Bond formula, but reworked for the modern age. There is action, adventure, technology, cars, handsome men and beautiful girls. You are in for a treat.

Prime Minister Modi summed up the strength of the UK/India relationship in his own succinct way at Wembley Stadium last Friday:

James Bond provides entertainment, and Brooke Bond invigorates us, but after James Bond, Brooke Bond we go to Rupee Bond

Bond is GREAT

Bond is GREAT Britain

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Published 20 November 2015