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  1. SBRI funding competition: vaccines for global epidemics - preclinical

  2. Funding competition: manufacturing and materials round 2

  3. Innovate UK funded projects since 2004

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  4. Funding competition: compound semiconductor applications

  5. Funding competition: robotics and autonomous systems applications

  6. Funding competition: low emission vehicle systems IDP13

  7. Funding competition: emerging & enabling technologies round 1

  8. SBRI funding competition: using technology to improve dermatology

  9. Funding competition: low emission freight and logistics trial

  10. SBRI funding competition: metal detection for fast parcels

  11. SBRI funding competition: IRC 2016 for explosives & weapons detection

  12. SBRI funding competition: Project innovation fund for Prevent

  13. Funding competition: commercialisation of quantum technologies

  14. Innovate UK transactions over £25,000

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  15. Funding competition: connected and autonomous vehicles 2

  16. Funding competition: antimicrobial resistance

  17. Funding competition: cell & gene therapies industrial manufacture

  18. Funding competition: innovation in health and life sciences round 1

  19. Funding competition: global cooperation feasibility studies

  20. Funding competition: Agri-Tech Catalyst

  21. Project costs guidance: Innovate UK

  22. Funding competition: APC6 - accelerating the drive to low carbon propulsion

  23. Funding competition: innovation in infrastructure systems

  24. Funding competition: Aerospace Technology Institute R&T programme

  25. Innovate UK funding competition winners 2015

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  26. Innovate UK funding competition winners 2016

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  27. Funding competition: Biomedical Catalyst 2016

  28. Funding competition: Energy Catalyst round 4

  29. ERA-NET co-funding competition: photonic sensing

  30. Innovate UK funding competition winners 2013

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  31. Innovate UK: Open funding competition

  32. Innovate UK funding competition winners 2014

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  33. Funding competition: first of a kind deployment of innovation

  34. infocus funding award: women in innovation

  35. SBRI funding competition: automatic threat detection of firearms

  36. SBRI funding competition: Mobuoy Road waste remediation

  37. Funding competition: agri-food innovation in Turkey

  38. Women in innovation: understanding barriers to innovation

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    • Research and analysis
  39. Funding competition: EDF Energy inspection Innovation Challenge

  40. Technology Strategy Board (Innovate UK) Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16

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    • Corporate report