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  1. Regional goods export data: July to September 2016

  2. Notice to exporters 2017/08: Iran list removed from GOV.UK

  3. Regeneration project: Birmingham Curzon

  4. Regeneration project: Wolverhampton Canalside and City Interchange

  5. Regeneration project: Oxygen Tower, Manchester

  6. Regeneration project: Worcester Growth Corridor

  7. Regeneration project: UK Central Hub and HS2 Interchange, Solihull

  8. Regeneration project: Tudor Cross, Bolsover, Derbyshire

  9. Regeneration project: Stoke-on-Trent City Centre

  10. Regeneration project: Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton

  11. Regeneration project: Nottingham City Centre

  12. Regeneration project: Peppermint Park, Holbeach, Lincolnshire

  13. Regeneration project: Redditch Eastern Gateway

  14. Regeneration project: South Kesteven Regional Offer, Lincolnshire

  15. Regeneration project: The National Space Park, Leicester

  16. Regeneration project: Grantham Southern Quadrant

  17. Regeneration project: The Boots Enterprise Zone, Nottingham

  18. Regeneration project: Birmingham Smithfield

  19. Regeneration project: Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park

  20. Regeneration project: Friargate, Coventry

  21. Midlands Engine investment portfolio

  22. Regeneration project: Heart of the City, Derby

  23. Regeneration project: Drakelow Park, Derbyshire

  24. Notice to exporters 2017/07: changes to export control legislation

  25. UK-US Trade & Investment Highlights

    • FCO and DIT
    • Corporate report
  26. Exporting to Australia

  27. Overseas Business Risk - Argentina

  28. Notice to exporters 2017/06: 6 open licences updated - correction

  29. Dealmakers for the Global Entrepreneur Programme

    • DIT
    • Promotional material
  30. Nuclear in the Northern Powerhouse

    • DIT
    • Promotional material
  31. Notice to exporters 2017/05: 6 open licences updated

  32. Open general export licence (military goods, software and technology)

  33. Open general export licence (PCBs and components for military goods)

  34. Open general export licence (military components)

  35. Open general export licence (military goods: A400M collaborative programme)

  36. Open general export licence (military goods, software and technology: government or NATO end use)

  37. Open general export licence: exports under the US-UK defence trade co-operation treaty

  38. Notice to exporters 2017/04: new consolidated list published

  39. Export control symposium 2017

    • ECO and DIT
    • Form
  40. Consolidated list of strategic military and dual-use items that require export authorisation

    • ECO and DIT
    • Guidance