The UK’s trade agreements

Find out which trade agreements the UK has signed and which the UK is negotiating.

Trade agreements set out the rules for buying and selling goods and services between 2 or more countries. They reduce restrictions on imports and exports, which can make trading easier and cheaper when they are used.

Trade agreements in force

As an independent trading nation, the UK now has over 70 trade agreements in place.

Recent trade agreements that have come into force include:

The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement treaty covers all UK trade with the EU.

See all the trade agreements the UK has:

Trade agreements signed but not in force

These are the trade agreements that businesses can use soon, but that are not yet in force.

Once an agreement is reached, it is signed and then scrutinised by Parliament. Following this, the agreement can then be ratified. Only when this is complete, and any implementing legislation has been passed, can it be entered into force, which means it can be used by businesses trading with that country.

The UK signed agreements with Madagascar (4 November 2021) and Comoros (12 April 2022) under the economic partnership agreement with Eastern and Southern African countries (ESA).

Trade agreements we are negotiating

The UK is currently negotiating with several countries to draw up new agreements.

The UK’s priorities in 2024 include progressing negotiations with India, Republic of Korea, Switzerland, Israel and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Trade agreement consultations

Before starting a new trade negotiation, we open a public consultation, seeking input on which aspects of our current trading arrangements to improve or amend.

We use this information to help inform our approach for starting negotiations on a trade agreement in the future.

Submit your responses to any open consultations, or read the outcomes to recently closed consultations, below.

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