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  1. Get the Ship in shape: accounting for, and tracking, personnel

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  2. Insight: read the latest edition

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  3. Defence and Security Accelerator funded contracts

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    • Transparency data
  4. Competition: wearable technology for injury prevention

  5. A Joint Effort – Integrating Advanced Materials onto Military Platforms

  6. Competition: Many drones make light work phase 3

  7. DASA Real-World Incident Response Hackathon information sheet

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  8. DASA Defence Logistics Hackathon information sheet

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  9. Competition: Tackling knife crime - Detecting steel-bladed knives

  10. Competition: Tackling Knife Crime in the UK

  11. Data Integration Competition scoping workshop

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  12. 2018 Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Annual Report

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    • Corporate report
  13. Competition: finding explosives hidden in electrical items

  14. Competition: Behavioural Analytics for Defence and Security

  15. Competition: Don’t Blow It! Safely eliminating chemical and biological munitions on the battlefield

  16. Competition: Stopping it in its tracks

  17. Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Open Call for Innovation

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  18. Competition: metasurfaces for defence and security

  19. Competition: Predictive cyber analytics

  20. Competition: 'Take Cover!’ Lightweight rapidly deployable protection on the front-line through Field Fortifications

  21. Competition: The Invisible Battlespace

  22. Competition: Biosensing across wide areas

  23. Behavioural Analytics Competition Scoping Workshop

  24. Competition: airport vehicle checkpoint screening

  25. Technology Trends Report

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  26. Competition: Defence People Innovation Challenge

  27. Accelerator competition: regenerative medicine at the front line

  28. Ministry of Defence area of research interest

  29. Competition: revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence

  30. Accelerator competition: improving crowd resilience

  31. Competition: autonomous last mile resupply

  32. Competition: beyond battery power

  33. Competition: synthetic biology for transparent materials

  34. Accelerator themed competition: the future of aviation security