Young ambassadors for disabled people’s user led organisations

The disabled people’s user led organisations (DPULOs) programme has appointed DPULO young ambassadors aged between 16 and 25.

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We withdrew this page because it’s no longer up to date. We published it to support the Strengthening DPULOs programme which ended in March 2015. You can still contact the Making a Difference Team.



The young ambassadors work with DPULOs and existing DPULO ambassadors to:

  • act as champions to inspire young disabled people to participate more in DPULOs and ensure the future of DPULOs
  • find ways that disabled young people can support each other
  • look at ways DPULOs can help disabled young people move from education into work
  • increase the number of DPULOs who have a meaningful and active social media presence

The programme has also appointed an honorary ambassador to support the young ambassadors.

The attached document explains who they are how to contact them.

Published 27 August 2013