Wild birds: licence to incubate and rear their eggs and chicks

Get a general licence so you can incubate the eggs and rear the chicks of certain wild birds without registering (licence GL11).



This licence lets you incubate eggs and raise hatchlings of:

  • honey buzzards
  • golden eagles
  • white-tailed eagles
  • peregrine falcons
  • goshawks
  • marsh harriers
  • Montagu’s harriers
  • merlins
  • ospreys

You can incubate eggs and raise hatchlings without ringing and registering them for 15 days (30 days for white-tailed and golden eagles) after which you must ring and register the birds.

You must let Natural England, Defra or the police inspect the premises and chicks.

Any bird incubated or kept under this licence must have been bred in captivity - its parents must have been in lawful captivity when the egg was laid.

You don’t need to apply for this general licence but you must meet its conditions and follow its instructions.