Impact assessment

Community forum area reports and map books for HS2 Supplementary Environmental Statement and Additional Provision 2

These reports and mapbooks are to be viewed alongside the Supplementary Environmental Statement and Additional Provision 2 (July 2015) Environmental Statement.


CFA5 Northolt Corridor: Report

CFA5 Northolt Corridor: Map book

CFA7 Colne Valley: Report

CFA7 Colne Valley: Map book

CFA9 Central Chilterns: Report

CFA9 Central Chilterns: Map book

CFA12 Waddesdon and Quainton: Report

CFA16 Ladbroke and Southam: Report

CFA16 Ladbroke and Southam: Map book

CFA19 Coleshill Junction: Report

CFA20 Curdworth to Middleton: Report


This volume describes the supplementary environmental information and design changes included within the Supplementary Environmental Statement (SES) Part 1, amendments within the Additional Provision 2 (AP2) Environmental statement Part 2. It also reports any new or different likely significant environmental effects arising from these changes in each CFA compared to those reported in the main ES, and where relevant, the AP1 ES.

Each CFA report is supported by a map book containing a series of maps - with the exception of CFA 8. The map books contain:

  • construction and permanent features of the HS2 scheme
  • photomontages from selected viewpoints
  • significantly affected viewpoints during construction
  • operational airborne noise and vibration impacts and likely significant effects
Published 13 July 2015