Rent, lease or ownership details form

Complete the Valuation Office Agency’s (VOA) request for rental information form to help us assess the rateable value of non-domestic property.


Online form for sending your rent, lease or ownership details


You need to respond to the VOA’s request for rent, lease or ownership details if they’ve asked you to. The information you provide is used to set up-to-date rateable values for non-domestic properties. Local authorities use rateable value to calculate business rates.

You need to respond to the rent and lease details request, even if you’ve provided information to the VOA verbally.

If you no longer own or occupy the property

If you no longer have a connection to the property, you still need to sign in to the service to let the VOA know. Once signed in, select ‘No’ when asked if you still have a connection to the property (section 1) or ‘the property is empty’ (section 3). This will close the request and the VOA will confirm their records are updated.

Other types of rental request forms

For some specific types of business property, you may be asked to complete a different form. You should have been sent the specific form but copies are available on the complete list of rental request forms.

You can find out how your rates are calculated and estimate your business rates.

You must provide your rent, lease or ownership information within 56 days from the day you receive it. If you do not, you may be liable to a penalty of £100 see paragraph 5A(1) of Schedule 9 to the Local Government Finance Act 1988 (“the Act”).

Published 13 February 2013
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