Request for rental information for specific business types

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) issues forms to request rental and lease information to assess the rateable value of non-domestic properties.

You can find all of the VOA’s forms of return on this page. You’ll need to ensure that you complete the correct form, relevant to your type of business. Business types are featured in the form titles.

Rent, lease or ownership details form

The most common form of return is the Rent, lease or ownership details form (formerly known as VO6003: Request for rental information). You should use this form if your business type is anything other than the specific businesses listed.

If you’re still unsure which form to complete, please contact the VOA.

Find out more about how your rates are calculated.

If you own 20 or more properties

You can use the VOA’s Rating Contact (VORC) scheme to submit your property details and rental information if you own or occupy 20 or more properties.

If you want to use the VORC scheme you should contact the Market Information team by emailing

This is a free and confidential service.

Please note: If you need to return any forms or documents to us please send them electronically. Any documents sent by post may be delayed due to continued disruption to the postal system caused by the pandemic.

Please scan and email your form to

Forms of return

Published 7 November 2013
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