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Updated energy and emissions projections: 2010

2010 energy and emissions projections: projections of greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand 2010 to 2030.


Updated emissions projections: June 2010

Annex A: Greenhouse gas emissions by source

Annex B: Carbon dioxide emissions by source

Annex C: Final energy demand

Annex D: Major Power Producers generation by source

Annex E: Total electricity generation by source

Annex F: Fossil fuel and retail price assumptions

Annex G: Policy savings included in the projections

Annex H: Primary energy demand

Annex I: Total cumulative new capacity

Annex J: Total capacity

Annex K: Major Power Producers cumulative new capacity

Annex L: Major Power Producers capacity


The report contains projections of UK performance against greenhouse gas targets under existing policies. They are used to inform the development of policies to meet carbon budget targets. Projections of energy demand are also included. The projections of electricity demand are used to inform the development of Electricity Market Reform policies.

Published 9 June 2010