Research and analysis

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR): health effects from exposure

AGNIR report (NRPB vol.13 no.1) considers the health effects from natural and artificial sources of exposure to UVR.



Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation’s (AGNIR) seventh report considers both natural and artificial sources of exposure, as well as experimental studies relevant to understanding the effects of UVR on cells and tissues. It examines information on the clinical effects of UVR and the results of epidemiological studies with the aim of providing advice on the health effects of exposure.

This report updates the review published in 2005 (version 6, number 2).

AGNIR also makes recommendations for further research aimed at improving the basis for assessing exposures to natural and artificial sources as well as furthering knowledge of the effects of UVR on health through experimental and epidemiological studies.