UK Trade Tariff: exports

Guidance on export procedures and requirements including customs input entries, and fallback procedures.



If you are making a declaration using the Customs Declaration Service (CDS) follow the guidance in the UK Trade Tariff: volume 3 for CDS.

National Export System (NES) and the Export Control System (ECS), export procedures and processes.

You can find the specific commodities in the UK Trade Tariff tool.

Published 1 January 2009
Last updated 12 October 2017 + show all updates
  1. The paragraph about electronic EADs has been removed from section 14.3.
  2. Paragraph 14.3 'Exports from another member state leaving the EU via the UK' shows new address to send Export Accompanying Document (EAD).
  3. A new sub section, 4.15 Registered Exporter (REX) introduction, has been added.
  4. At paragraph 9.9 the section 'Free circulation goods that are not in excise duty suspension' has been deleted.
  5. This guidance has been updated to reflect import and export legislation changes from 1 May 2016.
  6. First published.