UK air and space doctrine (JDP 0-30)

JDP 0-30 explains the importance of air and space power to our defence and security for joint staffs, officials, allies, and partners in industry.



This Joint Doctrine Publication explains air and space power to all those who use, or are influenced by it and describes in broad terms how to employ air and space power. It explains the principles that underpin the way in which air and space power offers scalable and responsive options, in support of our national interests.

The doctrine:

  • defines air and space power
  • explains the attributes of air and space power
  • discusses the main roles and functions of UK air and space power
  • explains air and space power’s contribution to joint action and the full spectrum approach.
Published 17 July 2013
Last updated 15 December 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated to the second edition.
  2. First published.