Policy paper

Transitioning to a net zero energy system: smart systems and flexibility plan 2021

This plan sets how we will transition to a smart, flexible, decarbonised energy system.



The Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, developed by the government and Ofgem in coordination with the energy sector, sets out a vision, analysis and suite of policies to drive a net zero energy system. Smart technologies and flexibility are essential to integrating low carbon power, heat and transport onto the system.

The Plan has 4 key areas of focus:

  • support flexibility from consumers
  • remove barriers to flexibility on the grid
  • reform markets to reward flexibility
  • monitor flexibility across the system

See the related Energy Digitalisation Strategy which aims to spur innovation and competition, facilitate new consumer offers, and reduce the cost of decarbonising the energy system.

We also launched 2 calls for evidence alongside this:

See the previous 2017 Smart systems and flexibility plan and 2018 progress update which set out first phase of the government and Ofgem’s smart systems and flexibility policy.

Published 20 July 2021