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The list of projects supported by the UK Conflict Pool in Russia

The UK Conflict Pool in Russia has decided to support ten projects to be implemented in 2013-14 by leading Russian and international NGOs.



The projects will be selected by competition. All aim to reduce the potential for violent conflicts in the North Caucasus region by contributing to increase of awareness of conflict issues at the community level and improved ability to manage / prevent conflicts among local populations in the North Caucasus as well as to reduce impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations and improve adherence to international human rights standards in the North Caucasus.

Since 2008, the UK Conflict Pool in the Russian Federation has supported over 30 projects on conflict prevention and human rights protection which have been successfully implemented in the North Caucasus. There have been more than 100,000 direct beneficiaries including representatives of public administration system, grass-roots NGOs, human rights activists, academics, teachers, children and youth who participated in various activities - educational, cultural and social, receiving legal support, building professional capacity and establishing efficient networks between regional authorities and civil society.

About the Pool

The UK Conflict Pool was established to replace the former Global Conflict Prevention Pool and Africa Conflict Prevention Pool. It brings together diplomacy, defence and development work, in an agreed strategy based on conflict analysis shared between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence and Department for International Development.

The main aim is to reduce global and regional conflicts and their impact through improved UK and international efforts to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts, and to create the conditions required for effective state-building and economic development in pre- or post-conflict regions.

Published 10 July 2013