Teenage parent outcomes modelling tool

A tool that brings together data about factors that affect outcomes for teenage parents and their babies across local authorities in England.



Healthcare professionals can use this tool to model the potential impact of services that aim to improve outcomes for teenage mothers and their babies, for example, setting up a new stop smoking service for young mothers. The data shows conceptions and births for each local authority and makes comparisons at local, regional and national level. This can help with planning and commissioning effective local services.

It includes outcome modelled data on:

  • teenage pregnancies
  • smoking during pregnancy
  • child poverty
  • low birth weight
  • stillbirths
  • infant mortality
  • breastfeeding initiation
  • young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET)

The teenage mothers and young fathers support framework should be read alongside this tool as it can help you review support arrangements for young parents in your local area.

Published 24 February 2016