Independent report

Swansea Bay City Deal independent review

Summarises the impact of the Swansea Bay City Deal on the region and recommends how it could proceed



In January 2019, Actica Consulting Ltd was commissioned jointly by the Welsh and UK Governments to undertake a rapid, independently led, joint Government Review of the arrangements for the delivery of the £1.3bn Swansea Bay City Deal.

The main focus of the review was:

  • The alignment of the constituent projects to the overall strategic objectives of the City Deal, to ensure that the benefits can be realised;
  • The overall risks to delivery of the City Deal, including the appropriateness and deliverability of the constituent projects, in particular focussing on those that have started their delivery lifecycle as the first tranche of projects;
  • The interactions between the Joint Committee and City Deal governance structures with the regional governance structures to make recommendations on the provision of robust assurance; and
  • The overall due diligence practices in operation on the first tranche of projects and whether these have received the appropriate level of financial assurance.

The report makes 7 recommendations to improve the deliverability of the Deal’s outcomes which are outlined in the document.

Published 15 March 2019