Street works technical specification for electronic transfer of notifications

This technical specification which provides a common 'language' for the exchange of information about street works.


ETON specification version 6


Undertakers and local authorities exchange a substantial volume of information about street works and must use an electronic transfer of notifications (ETON) system for doing so. Any such system must comply with the technical specification which in effect provides a common ‘language’ for the exchange of information. This helps to minimise transaction costs by ensuring that any highway authority’s system can receive and understand communications from any undertaker (and vice versa).

ETON technical specification version 6

From 1 October 2013 version 6 will replace the technical specification published in December 2008. Further details on the transition to version 6 are given in section 1.2 of the specification. The specification is accompanied by an XML schema.

ETON technical specification version 5.0.1

Published 12 December 2008
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