Specification of apprenticeship standards for England (SASE)

Sets out the minimum requirements for the inclusion of an apprenticeship programme in a recognised English apprenticeship framework.



This guidance is for:

  • training providers and employers developing apprenticeship programmes
  • developers of apprenticeship frameworks
  • issuing authorities for apprenticeship frameworks

The specification of apprenticeship standards (SASE) sets out the minimum statutory requirements that training providers and employers must meet when submitting an apprenticeship programme for inclusion in a framework.

The information requirement sets out the non-statutory requirements for supporting information that framework developers should include in an annex to an apprenticeship framework.

Framework developers and issuing authorities must consult the SASE guidance when deciding whether a submission to a framework complies with the minimum requirements.

The live list of apprenticeship frameworks is also available.

Under our reforms, employer-designed apprenticeship standards will replace apprenticeship frameworks. From 2017 onwards as many apprenticeship starts as possible will be on the new standards.