Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (CC9)

What charities need to consider when campaigning or engaging in political activity. Also includes guidance about Elections and Referendums.

Applies to England and Wales



Guidance to advise charities to what extent they can get involved in campaigning and political activity.

Charities can campaign to achieve their purposes. But a charity can’t:

  • have a political purpose, or
  • undertake political activity that is not relevant to the charity’s charitable purposes

Trustees must not allow the charity to be used as a vehicle for the expression of the personal or party political views of any individual trustee or staff member.

Charity trustees must carefully weigh up the possible benefits against the costs and risks in deciding whether the campaign is likely to be an effective way of furthering or supporting the charity’s purposes. They should think about what laws may apply to their proposed methods of campaigning and political activity.

Charities carrying out campaigning or political activity on social media may also want to read our guidance on Charities and social media.

Published 1 March 2008
Last updated 7 November 2022 + show all updates
  1. Guidance has been reviewed and updated following the passing of the new Elections Act 2022.

  2. First published.