Self Assessment draft forms for software developers 2015 to 2016

Draft versions of tax returns forms for Self Assessment software developers for 2015 to 2016 tax year.


Self Assessment draft forms: Individual Tax Return

Self Assessment draft forms: tax return for a non-resident company liable to Income Tax

Self Assessment draft forms: Partnership Tax Return

Self Assessment draft forms: Trust and Estate Tax Return

Self Assessment draft forms: Tax Return for Trustees of Registered Pension Schemes


Software developers can create products with the help of draft versions of forms.

The drafts cover the tax returns SA100, SA700, SA800, SA900,SA970 and associated supplementary pages. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) develop the return forms and supplementary pages first, and then the guidance.

Drafts timetable Tax Return (2015 to 2016)

Although HMRC will aim to provide drafts by the date specified in the timetable, sometimes there might be a short delay in the publication date if the drafts are not quite ready.

27 October 2015

Latest versions of the following forms:

  • SA100 - Tax Return
  • SA101 - Additional Information pages
  • SA102 - Employment pages
  • SA102M - Ministers of Religion pages
  • SA102MP - Parliament pages
  • SA102MLA - Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly pages
  • SA102MSP - Scottish Parliament pages
  • SA102WAM - The National Assembly for Wales pages
  • SA103S - Self Employment pages (short)
  • SA103F - Self Employment pages (full)
  • SA103L - Lloyds Underwriters pages
  • SA104S Partnership pages (short)
  • SA104F - Partnership pages (full)
  • SA105 - UK property pages
  • SA106 - Foreign pages
  • SA107 - Trust pages
  • SA108 - Capital Gains Summary pages
  • SA109 - Residence, Remittance Basis etc. pages
  • SA110 - Tax Calculation Summary
  • SA700 - Tax Return for a non-resident company liable to Income Tax
  • SA800 - Partnership Tax Return
  • SA800(PS) - Partnership Statement
  • SA800(TP) - Partnership Trading and Professional Income (extra pages)
  • SA801 - Partnership UK Property pages
  • SA802 - Partnership Foreign pages
  • SA803 - Partnership Disposal of Chargeable Assets
  • SA804 - Partnership Savings, Investments and other income pages
  • SA900 - Trust and Estate Tax Return
  • SA901 - Trust and Estate Trade pages
  • SA901L - Trust and Estate Lloyd’s Underwriters pages: Income from membership of Lloyd’s
  • SA902 - Trust and Estate Partnership pages
  • SA903 - Trust and Estate UK Property pages
  • SA904 - Trust and Estate Foreign pages
  • SA905 - Trust and Estate Capital Gains pages
  • SA906 - Trust and Estate Non-Resident pages
  • SA907 - Trust and Estate Charities pages
  • SA923 - Estate Pension Charges
  • SA970 - Tax Return for Trustees of Registered Pension Schemes

6 April 2016

Final version of all forms in PDF format will be available for posting. Draft stamp will be removed from all PDFs and any late changes (including Budget changes) to be incorporated.

Final versions before proof reading

The final versions before proof reading will be available early in 2016. Please note that these versions may be subject to some minor amendments if problems are picked up during proof reading. Any changes will be shown in the final printed version, which will be published on 6 April 2016.

Software developers can expect to receive advance specimens in PDF format; these will be available in March 2016.

For queries about software developer draft forms or substitute forms contact

Published 27 October 2015