Schools financial health checks: supplier directory

A directory of suppliers offering financial health check services to schools.



The schools financial health checks supplier directory includes organisations that provide advice and support to help schools review their current financial position, identify issues and take appropriate action.

Suppliers include schools, local authorities and commercial organisations.

You can identify potential suppliers by geographical area and the level of financial health check they offer.

There is also information for schools on how to select a supplier.

If you provide financial health checks for schools and want to be added to this directory, you can sign up using the schools financial health checks: supplier registration form.

You can also access more information, tools, training and guidance about schools financial health and efficiency.

Published 6 July 2016
Last updated 15 November 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated the supplier directory and removed the link to the schools financial health check survey as this is closed.
  2. Updated the supplier directory and included a link to the new schools financial health check survey.
  3. Updated supplier directory and selecting a supplier guidance.
  4. Supplier directory updated
  5. Updated to include 13 new suppliers
  6. First published.