Register to provide financial advice to schools

Your details will be added to a list of financial advisers for schools.


The list of financial advisers aims to help schools who need external financial advice and are looking for a supplier.

It is not a complete list of organisations that provide financial support to schools and being on the list is not an endorsement by the government.

Complete the supplier registration form

Register to go on the list of financial advisers for schools by completing the supplier registration form.

The form has 7 pages and should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Information you need to provide

You’ll be asked for:

  • details of your organisation
  • relevant skills and experience
  • the types of support you can provide from the Levels of financial advice for schools (PDF, 136KB, 1 page)
  • a declaration that all of the information provided is correct
  • an electronic signature from a person with suitable authority in your organisation

Give as much detail as you can and make sure the information you provide is accurate. It will help schools choose the right financial adviser for their needs.

The support you can offer

With the help of schools and suppliers, we’ve created 3 levels of financial advice for schools. They’re intended as a guide to help schools open a conversation with suppliers about the services they need.

Check the Levels of financial advice for schools (PDF, 136KB, 1 page).

The levels are not rigid and schools and suppliers may find that a bespoke service is needed.

Before you submit the form

Make sure:

  • the information you provide is accurate
  • you can provide the levels of service and the scale you’ve said you can
  • you don’t use the form to promote personal financial advice
  • your contact details are correct

Be aware that:

  • suppliers in financial difficulty or part of a financial investigation may be removed from the supplier list
  • the estimated value of a single contract should not be more than the appropriate EU procurement threshold

What happens next

We’ll email you to confirm when your details have been added to the list.

Schools will contact you directly if they want to find out more about your services.

Published 6 July 2016