Policy paper

About the school rebuilding programme

Updated 13 May 2024

Applies to England

About the school rebuilding programme

The school rebuilding programme (SRP) carries out major rebuilding and refurbishment projects at school and sixth-form college buildings across England, with buildings prioritised according to their condition.

Confirmed projects

There are currently 513 projects in the programme, announced since 2021. A list of confirmed projects is available, including information on the date when each was announced.

Schools are provisionally allocated a place on the programme subject to further due diligence, and projects will enter delivery at a rate of approximately 50 per year.

Prioritisation of schools for SRP

Schools have been prioritised because they met one or more of the following criteria:

  • they had buildings of specific construction types that require replacement
  • their buildings had the highest condition need, identified in data collected in the Condition Data Collection (CDC) and verified through collecting additional condition information
  • their buildings had severe and urgent condition need that meant they were a high priority for replacement
  • their buildings had risks that have the potential to cause significant harm to pupils or staff that meant they were a high priority for replacement

You can find more information about how we prioritised schools in the published methodology notes.

Nominating schools for SRP

Nominations for SRP are closed. Details on the nomination criteria for the 2022 nomination process can be found in the published guidance, which is for reference only.

We will publish further guidance when future SRP rounds are confirmed.

Equalities impact assessments

We have published 2 equalities impact assessments related to SRP, covering the impact of the selection approach on school building users with protected characteristics.

Urgent and severe building condition issues

Responsible bodies have a responsibility for the safety and maintenance of the buildings in their care. If a responsible body has an urgent and severe condition need that it is unable to resolve, it should contact the Department for Education (DfE) for advice.