Safety alerts 2015

Defence Infrastructure Organisation alerts for specific safety issues that without immediate action could result in serious or fatal injury.



Safety alerts are issued by Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to the wider MOD and its industry partners to communicate specific safety issues quickly; specifying the immediate, short and long term actions to be taken by those responsible. Such safety issues represent significant threat of serious or fatal injury, fire or explosion and include: identified dangerous working practices; faulty or defective equipment, products or substances, unsafe conditions, etc.

Although mainly relevant to infrastructure risks and associated management activities within MOD (eg electrical, gas, confined spaces, working at height) they may be useful to the wider facility management or construction domain (eg facility or property managers, landlords, engineers, infrastructure designers, installers or maintainers).

Published 19 June 2015
Last updated 29 July 2016 + show all updates
  1. Added safety alerts: SA 10/2015: Hazards in operation of delivery roll cages, SA 11/2015: Safe use of catering trolleys and SA 12/2015: Catastrophic failure of a pipework clamp connector
  2. Added Safety Alerts SA 14/2015, 15/2015, 16/2015, and 17/2015.
  3. Added Safety Alert 13/2015.
  4. SA 09/15:DMM carabiners number
  5. Added Safety alert 08/2015.
  6. Added SA 07/15: disruptive failure of radio filter (RF) power filter.
  7. Included safety alerts 03, 04, 05, 06.
  8. First published.