Russian wood tariff reduction licence: how to apply

Guidance on how to apply for a Russian wood tariff reduction licence on the electronic import licensing system (ICMS).


How to apply for a Russian wood tariff reduction licence


As part of Russian accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Russia has introduced two tariff quotas which reduce the current Russian export duty of €55 per cubic metre or 80% to 15% for pine logs and to 13% for spruce logs. The annual Russian quotas for the EU are administered by an EU licensing system. EU manufacturing users of logs can ensure that their Russian log exporter counterparts can take advantage of the reduced export tax, and help to reduce the overall cost of the EU finished wood products.

The Import Case Management System (ICMS) system allows importers of goods, to make completely electronic applications for import licences, subject to Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Import Licensing Branch import controls. This should reduce the administrative burdens on business, making it easier for them to apply. It should also speed up the time it takes to receive an import licence.

You can apply for a new import licence at You need to register on the system before you can use it, see How Do I Register for Import Licences?.

Published 30 April 2013