Review of British Antarctic Territory legislation: Sale of Alcohol

Consultation on a new Ordinance to license the sale of alcohol within the British Antarctic Territory



The British Antarctic Territory (BAT) Administration is reviewing and expanding its legislation to update and modernise it.

A new Ordinance is proposed to license the sale of alcohol. This is to facilitate a new request by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to authorise the sale of souvenir bottles of alcohol at Port Lockroy, in BAT. The draft Ordinance has been drafted to regulate the commercial sale of alcohol and is not intended to affect private bar arrangements at British Antarctic Survey stations. It will not affect cruise ships visiting BAT. Draft Regulations have also been prepared to set out how an application would be made and to specify proposed fee levels.

BAT Administration undertook a 2-month consultation period for these proposed changes which closed on 15 August 2018.

29 August update

Many thanks to those who took part in the consultation. No objections were raised to the draft ordinance or its associated documents, so the BAT Administration intends to proceed with preparing the legislation. A number of questions were raised in the consultation and the Administration have responded to these points:

Applicability of the legislation

As set out in the Ordinance, the legislation does not cover premises managed by the British Antarctic Survey, for consumption at those premises or aboard ships or other vessels which are visiting the Territory. It also only relates to the sale, not the consumption, of alcohol.

Level of fee being levied for a licence

When considering the fee level, the Administration was concerned to ensure that the fee was not onerous on those wishing to apply but equally did not disproportionally encourage the establishment of premises for the sale of alcohol within the territory. The fee level was discussed in advance with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT).

Published 15 June 2018
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