Research and analysis

Research and development network reports: school-based research in a self-improving system

Report from teaching schools' research on pedagogy themes agreed by the NCTL research and development network.


Three greats for a self-improving system: pedagogy and professional development full report


This report is part of school-based enquiry completed by teaching schools during 2012 to 2014. It looks at the following themes:

  • Theme 1: what makes great pedagogy?
  • Theme 2: what makes great professional development which leads to consistently great pedagogy?
  • Theme 3: how can leaders lead successful teaching school alliances which enable the development of consistently great pedagogy?

It highlights that in alliances or partnerships, pedagogy, professional development and leadership within and across alliances go hand-in-hand. They are mutually influential and interdependent.

It looks at how to:

  • ensure great pedagogy
  • embed great pedagogy in professional development and leadership within and across alliances
  • support and develop peers’ learning
  • be flexible and adaptable

The report shows the benefits of working with others on research and possible solutions to overcome the challenges.

Other reports published as part of this research can be found in the Research and development network: school-based research collection.

Published 24 February 2015