Rabies risks by country

A to Z list of countries and their category of risk for rabies.



The country or animal risks presented here represent risks as assessed by Public Health England for use in post-exposure risk assessments. They incorporate the presence or absence of rabies in domestic and wild animals, surveillance systems in place, and consideration of UK traveller behaviour.

Published 29 May 2014
Last updated 21 December 2020 + show all updates
  1. Updated Italy to no risk.

  2. Updated the entry for the UK, no risk country, low risk country and high risk countries.

  3. Updated the entry for Italy.

  4. Updated risk for Estonia (from No to Low risk) following review of rabies surveillance data.

  5. Updated country risk ratings following comprehensive review of rabies surveillance data.

  6. Updated Greece to no risk.

  7. Updated to reflect France's rabies-free status.

  8. This listing has been updated with new information about France.

  9. First published.