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Protecting consumers during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: update on the work of the CMA’s Taskforce

The CMA has today published an update from its COVID-19 Taskforce, set up to monitor and respond to consumer and competition problems arising from the pandemic.



The CMA established its COVID-19 Taskforce to identify, monitor and respond to competition and consumer problems arising from coronavirus and the measures taken to contain it.

This report sets out some of the work of the Taskforce, focusing on the complaints we have received and the actions we have taken in response. We intend to publish further reports while the problems persist, updating the data published here and providing additional information about the work of the Taskforce.

People and businesses who have seen or experienced businesses behaving unfairly during the coronavirus outbreak can report it to the CMA by using our dedicated online form. Where there is evidence that businesses have breached competition or consumer protection law, the CMA will take enforcement action if warranted.

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Published 24 April 2020