Prosperity Fund: evaluation and learning inception reports

Prosperity Fund monitoring, reporting, evaluation and learning (MREL) services measure and evaluate the Fund's programme activities and impact.



To measure impact, the Prosperity Fund has put in place a dedicated MREL strategy, supporting programmes to evaluate and monitor their activities.The evaluation and learning (EL) service will enable the sharing and use of evidence and learning from evaluations to support decision making at project, programme and Fund levels. This will provide appropriate support and services needed at portfolio and programme level.

The Evaluation and Learning service will provide an integrated programme of 4 types of evaluations within an annual learning cycle:

  • programmes
  • families of projects and programmes that target an intermediate outcome
  • cross-cutting themes
  • the Fund itself

The service will, at first, emphasise learning for programme and Fund managers, establish baselines and validate the theory of change.

This page sets out the inception reports for the Evaluation and Learning service.

Published 22 March 2019