Procurement at Homes England

How Homes England procures suppliers for goods and services, works and supplies.



  1. Procurement policy
  2. Standard terms and conditions
  3. Technical panels
  4. Privacy notice

We publish our current opportunities on Contracts Finder.

For more information about Contracts Finder and how to use it, refer to tendering for public sector contracts. The Official Journal of the European Unionpublishes all contract opportunities above the EU threshold. The threshold is:

  • £181,302 for services and supplies
  • £4,551,413 for works

Procurement policy

Homes England makes sure that the procurement of works, supplies and services allows us to meet our business requirements. These range from works associated with bringing land or property to the market and consultancy across a wide range of disciplines.

We make procurement decisions at a regional level, with our corporate procurement office providing advice to those regions if it’s needed. Our procurement process is developed with a focus on environmental sustainability. When shortlisting external suppliers and awarding contracts we consider environmental sustainability. For some opportunities sustainability is a key part of the specifications and evaluation criteria.

We work in line with government equality and diversity policies. If a procurement has specific diversity requirements these can be included as part of the final award decision.

Read the full procurement policy

Standard terms and conditions

Larger value and sector specific contracts will be used and clearly established at the relevant stage of each procurement. For minor and low value procurements of services and supplies, standard terms and conditions (based on those established by the Crown Commercial Service) will apply.

For more information on our standard terms and conditions, read our standard terms and conditions for services and supplies.

Technical panels

We manage a number of technical consultancy panels, which may be made available to local authorities, registered providers and other Homes England partners. The services provided range from ecology and environmental sustainability to construction and project management.

See Homes England technical panels for more details, including how potential service providers can be part of the panels.

Privacy notice

Homes England is committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal data. Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we do this.

Published 31 January 2018