Plant species by import category

Find out the import restrictions that apply to each species of plant, seed, produce or other material depending on where you're bringing it to the UK from.



Detailed list of plant species by import category, depending on the country you’re bringing it in from. Read this with the guide to importing plants to the UK.

Published 26 May 2015
Last updated 4 February 2020 + show all updates
  1. Fraxinus seeds now only ‘Notifable’. The only ‘True seed’ that requires to be notifiable is Solanum tuberosum, the only Solanaceae seed that requires to be notifiable is Capsicum spp and Solanum lycopersicon. All other Solaneceous seed is subject to 1% SRSF and not notifiable. Allium ascalonicum is not listed in Annex XI Part A and is only subject to 1% SRSF and so not notifiable. Brassica napus , Brassica rapa, and Sinapsis alba have their own separate entries to make it clear that they are notifiable from all countries.

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