Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme 2014

A 5-year voluntary scheme agreed between government and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry effective from 1 January 2014.



Updated on 17 December 2013 to correct typographical errors in the PPRS document published on 3 December 2013. These corrections have been agreed between the department and the ABPI.

The 2014 Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme (PPRS) will provide assurance on almost all of the branded medicines bill for the NHS. The bill will stay flat over the first 2 years of the scheme and will grow slowly after that. The industry will make payments to the Department of Health if NHS spending on branded medicines exceeds the allowed growth rate.

The PPRS is a voluntary agreement to control the prices of branded drugs sold to the NHS. It is negotiated between the Department of Health, acting on behalf of the UK government and Northern Ireland, and the branded pharmaceutical industry, represented by the ABPI.