Notice of authorised amendments (NAA) 2019 documents

Issuing of an NAA gives notice to the changes in regulations and manuals. Produced by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA).


NAA 19/13

NAA 19/12

NAA 19/11

NAA 19/10

NAA 19/09

NAA 19/08

NAA 19/07

NAA 19/06

NAA 19/05

NAA 19/04

NAA 19/03

NAA 19/02

NAA 19/01


A notice of authorised amendments (NAA) will be issued detailing which part of the MAA regulatory publications (MRP) have been amended. To ensure that the reader appreciates the full context of the amendment, the NAA will include a reference to the amended section of the MRP and will provide a summary of the amendment; at this juncture the MRP will also be amended. The MAA will maintain records of the justification supporting any MRP amendment and the associated NAA authorising signatory.

Published 19 February 2019
Last updated 7 June 2019 + show all updates
  1. NAA 19/13 relating to RA 1205 and the Manual of Air System Safety Cases (MASSC) has been published.
  2. NAA 19/11 relating to RA 1300 and NAA 19/12 relating to RA 1395 have been published.
  3. NAA 19/05 relating to Manual of Aerodrome Design and Safeguarding (MADS), NAA 19/06 relating to RA 1017, NAA 19/07 relating to RA 1300, RA 1310, RA 1325, RA 1340, RA 1345, RA 1360, RA 1370 and RA 1920, NAA 19/08 relating to RA 3201, NAA 19/09 relating to RA 3500 and NAA 19/10 relating to RA 3511 have been published.
  4. NAA 19/04 relating to RA 2335 has been published.
  5. NAA 19/03 relating to MAP-02 has been published.
  6. First published.