Non-technical summaries granted during 2013: volume 7

Volume 7 of the non-technical summaries granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2013.



The following projects are listed in volume 7 of 2013:

  • determination of acute chemical toxicity and its mitigation (covering countermeasures)
  • pathophysiology of corneal angiogenesis and corneal transplantation (covering corneal vascular disease, anti-angiogenic therapeutics)
  • in vivo analysis of 2-oxogluterate and iron-dependent dioxygenases (covering oxygen, iron, enzyme, mouse)
  • assessing and alleviating pain and distress (covering analgesia)
  • schizophrenia: mechanisms and potential therapies (covering DISC1, GABAergic interneurons)
  • immunology of viral and allergic airway disease (covering respiratory viruses, bronchiolitis, asthma)
  • safety testing using dogs and minipigs (covering regulatory safety assessment)
  • neural development, plasticity and repair (covering transgenic mice, CNS, myelin, neural stem cells)
  • craniofacial development and associated birth defects (covering cleft palate, submucous cleft palate, TBX22)
  • genetic control of fertility and development (covering infertility, genetics, epigenetics, chromosomes)
Published 22 April 2014