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Non-tech. summaries 2015: projects on the musculoskeletal system

Projects granted during 2015 that have a primary purpose of basic research: musculoskeletal system.



This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2015 with a primary purpose of basic research: musculoskeletal system.

The following projects were granted:

  • inflammation and cancer-induced bone disease therapy (bone, inflammation, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis, cancer)

  • accelerating fracture and cutaneous wound healing (fracture, bone, wound, skin, healing)

  • nutrition, insulin resistance and grazing in ponies (nutrition, insulin resistance, grazing)

  • microvesicles and the prevention of tissue wasting (microvesicles, stem cells, aging, tissue wasting)

  • understanding and treatment of neuromuscular conditions (neuromuscular disease; muscular dystrophy; skeletal muscle; stem cells)

  • the mechanics and energetics of locomotion (flight, running, bird, muscle, energetic)

  • homeostatic calcium regulation in fish (Ca2+, scales, blood, freshwater, seawater)

  • the role of muscle stem cells in health and disease (stem cell, skeletal muscle, regeneration)

  • the safety and efficacy of cell therapies (stem cells, pre-clinical testing, medicinal products)

  • pre-clinical analysis of therapies for neuromuscular diseases (muscular dystrophy; therapy development)

  • in vivo models for tissue engineering (stem cells, growth factors, scaffold, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine)

  • new biomaterials for healing of bone defects (synthetic material, bioactivity, bone, regeneration)

  • purinergic signalling, bone cell function and tissue calcification (vascular calcification, osteoporosis, loading, bone)

  • angiogenesis in health and disease (capillaries, blood flow, skeletal muscle, ischaemia, hypoxia)

  • models of tissue repair and reconstruction in the limb (injury, limb, repair, reconstruction, regeneration)

  • understanding muscle maintenance, regeneration and ageing (muscle, regeneration, inflammation, muscular dystrophy, stem cells, duchenne muscular dystrophy)

  • manipulation of signalling pathways in zebrafish (zebrafish, HSPG, regeneration)

  • genetic and hormonal regulation of the skeleton (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fracture, genetics, hormones)

  • musculoskeletal tissue regeneration (musculoskeletal, regeneration, repair, bone, cartilage)