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Non-tech. summaries 2014: projects on the nervous system

Projects granted during 2014 that have a primary purpose of basic research into the nervous system.



This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2014 with a primary purpose of basic research into the nervous system.

It contains a full list of the 89 projects that were granted.

The first 10 projects are:

  • structure and function of cerebellar modules (cerebellum, networks, movement, cognition, behaviour)
  • studies of synaptic plasticity in health and disease (neurological diseases, synaptic plasticity, neuronal dysfunction, signalling molecules)
  • mechanisms that drive development of brain circuits (brain, neonatal, neuron, sensory experience)
  • in vivo analysis of basal ganglia function (Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation, motor cortex, neuronal network oscillations)
  • modulating BDNF levels and role in brain growth (growth factor and brain volume)
  • sex-linked effects on brain and behaviour (behaviour; brain; psychiatric illness; sex chromosomes; sex differences)
  • animal models of migraine (genetic alteration, stem cell graft, migraine, neurology)
  • restoring normal sensory and motor function following neural injury (nerve injury, motor function, neuropathy, neuropathic pain, inflammation)
  • the acute physiology and pharmacology of acute and chronic pain (afferents, reflexes, pain models, sensitization)
  • understanding osteoarthritis pain in dogs (pain, dog, osteoarthritis, phenotype, sensory)